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oil on watercolor paper series

This is a phrase from Layman Pang. He wrote this over a thousand years ago...⁠

My daily activities are not unusual,⁠

I’m just naturally in harmony with them.⁠

Grasping nothing, discarding nothing…⁠

Drawing water and chopping wood.⁠

So much of my life I have “grasped”, trying to control situations around me (still do). This is the work. Changing the question. I ask myself is it about getting the right outcome? Or is it about being truly content with oneself every day no matter the outcome? Easy to say, hard to embrace.⁠

“discarding nothing”......What a beautiful way of putting it. This to me describes soaking up the magical moments, remembering what has happened in the past allowing for not knowledge, but wisdom, to guide your choices. It can even mean treasuring what you have already, thanking and loving them because they bring you joy in some way.⁠

This is the practice.⁠

Grasping nothing, discarding nothing.⁠




I love opposites. Contrast. Contrast in color, value, mood... So much of my practice focuses on this concept. If I paint something that has a warm undertone then I immediately want to paint the opposite with cool undertones. I normally paint in pairs… I’ll start with two blank canvases and try to create the opposite next to it. Yin and Yang, male and female. To me there is such beauty in the opposites. A type of balancing act. For me balancing both is challenging, pushes my comfort zone but also gives me a sense of peace. To explore opposing forces and embrace both at the same time. 


Hence the reason this paper series has a group of warm and cool colored groups.



Each piece is a ONE OF A KIND painting on 300 lb watercolor paper. Each includes an 11 x 14 gallery mat and can easily pop into any 11 x 14 frame at home. If you need suggestions on frames just let me know or click the link below:)


The prices range from $75 (5 x 5 inch artwork/11 x 14 mat), $95 (5 x 7 inch artwork/11 x 14 mat), $119 (8 x 10 inch artwork/11 x 14 mat). All can easily be a thoughtful gift for someone or something to brighten up your home.





Here is my recommendation for a frame as shown in image.