Based on "The Invitation" poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
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Original oil paintings on a hand-stretched canvas by me. Each painting is based on the writings of the mystic poet Rumi.

"The Soul In My Throat"

“She wasn't tired. She was uninspired. She traced back the path she had taken since birth and realized it was a path laid down by others. She left the path. Stopped where there were no footprints. Learned to make choices that pleased her soul. She felt something new and wonderful grow in her chest. She came to called this peace.”
These beautiful words by Jaiya John is the inspiration behind my new series being released on…




Original oil paintings for each price point.




"Access the subconscious through
creativity and never get blocked again"

Course starts in January 2022 via Zoom
Every Mon or Tue for 6 weeks



Margaret is a visual artist based in a small bay town area in Alabama. Inspired by natural light, moody tones and a slower pace of life she creates original emotive oil paintings. These poetic spaces draw you in leaving room for reflection and contemplation as she is always in constant pursuit of something beyond words and visual representation.

She is also the founder of The Creative Unblock "helping you solve your own problems through the power of creativity". A company that focuses on using the right hemisphere of the brain to help calm the mind and get unblocked using creativity. 

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I attempt to paint subtle hidden truths of the human condition by unlearning, excavating and remembering these truths which are personal yet collective. I am fascinated by the many layers of ourselves and the process of what we choose to reveal or not, to ourselves and one another. Discovering both sides of the spectrum, both conscious and unconscious, in a constant process of learning to “unlearn” coping mechanisms and subconscious programming created early in life.

I show this process through intentional layering, mark making and specific color choices. I use transparent layers to represent what we reveal to others or ourselves and opaque for concealment. I push the boundaries of value to show both aspects of our consciousness, embracing all to further evolve as individuals. With the intentional use of various marks I communicate the dynamic and remarkable human condition that is always changing and ever expanding.

"Did you ever get art you loved SO much, you feel like you need to buy better lighting and furniture for it? This is my Mother's Day gift!!! and the best part is we knew and loved the artist before we knew and loved her art."              

 - Carole

"I am so moved by these paintings of yours, truly. I actually ended up gifting (mine) to my parents. My mom fell in love with it - always commenting on it and staring at it when she'd come over to our house, so I gave it to her. She put it in their bedroom, she loves it." 

- Emily

"I really, really love the painting! I hung it up above my desk, and I might keep it here at the office for a while. I've really enjoyed it today - spent a lot of time looking at it!"          


 - Erika

"Uh like is an understatement. It's our "the thing you grab if the house is burning down" thing. It's so crazy good!!!"


   - Levi

"Awwwwwwwwwww! I'm so excited!!!!! Crying happy tears! Thank you, talented friend! What a treasure!!!"


 - Holly

"We LOOOOVE our painting."


  - Laura

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU We are so happy to have these pieces in our house."


 - Robert

"I just purchased your painting, and am super excited about it!" 


- Robbie

"I was unable to resist. I tried to 3 days! I think it will go nicely with your other pieces I own. My bedroom is damn near a Margaret Brown art gallery now. I should charge people to enter it."          


 - Gwen