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Thank you for inquiring about a commission. I love working with my clients so you have a joyful and inspiring experience as we collaborate together on a painting.


D I S C O V E R  


Step 1. Tell me the location of where the painting(s) is going and size. (It helps to put blue tape on the wall as a template to match the area so you know the size is right.)

Step 2. Select two of my paintings by giving me the title of each that is most similar to what you would like.



Step 3. Once I receive this information I will send you a quote with the price within a couple of days. Time varies but normally I need around 8 - 12 weeks to complete the painting. Once 50% (nonrefundable) of the deposit is made and an agreed timeline, I will begin.

C R E A T E   


Step 4. Once completed I will send a picture of the final piece. If there are any changes you would like I can make up to 2 revisions. Then, once you approve and the final payment is made I will send you the painting ready to be hung!


$2 per square inch so if the size is not here you can still determine the amount. 

24 x 24 inch - $1,200

24 x 30 inch - $1,500

24 x 36 inch - $1,730

30 x 40 inch - $2,400

36 x 48 inch - $3,500

48 x 48 inch - $4,600

72 x 52 inch - $7,500



I also offer payment plans. 

If all this sounds good and you are ready to move forward then on LET'S CHAT below.

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