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What the course is all about...

This course is about releasing subconscious blocks by empowering your True Self through creativity.


Did you know that 90% of our blocks are subconscious? But how do you change something that's in your subconscious? By accessing your creativity through The Creative Unblock Method.

I discuss in detail how to access your subconscious and tools to make lasting changes. You learn how to bypass the egoic mind to access your inner-self that heals, transforms and empowers you through your subconscious blocks.


This course is for all skill levels.

- Margaret River Lee

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"learn how to access the subconscious through creativity and never get stuck again"

The course is
2 hrs once a week

 for 6 wks


How I discovered The Creative Unblock Method

"The A-Ha Moment"


There has to be another way. 

There has to be an easier way, a more enjoyable way, and a truer way to getting past our blocks. 

This is the inspiration that started The Creative Unblock. 


I had read so many books, took so many courses and tried so many different things to deal with real and important blocks in my life. I had a deep sense that there must be another way, but didn’t know how to find it.  


Coincidentally, it found me. 

In 2019 I was approached by a non profit  to create an Art Curriculum for helping people address their past and move on. I formulated a method that combined experience in both Art Education and also as a now Professional Abstract Painter.   What I quickly found was that creativity, combined with addressing their personal blocks, created a shift into a different state of consciousness.   One that they had never experienced before, and never experienced their problem within before.


This process, this method, allowed the group members to experience their problem in a new light.  They felt stronger, they felt more in tune with themselves and best of all they felt that maybe for the first time in their lives, they saw some new ways of moving forward. 


So I started teaching this method.


Jake writes, "The amount of insights, intuitive hits and the depth of my true Self that was revealed when using this new tool was astounding. I couldn’t believe, right there in front of me, that instantly I saw things that had been unknown and unconscious to me in my years of searching." It was a true a-ha moment, and it was the birth of my company and method.


Everyone knows the value of creativity


  •  for helping with anxiety

  •  promoting well being 

  •  feeling more connected to ourselves 


But that’s only part of The Creative Unblock Method power. 


We can leverage the true FULL power of creativity in helping us move past the hardest places in our lives


  •  where we feel stuck

  •  hopeless

  •  unable to move forward

  •  learn of places in our lives that we are unaware of that are controlling our decisions


This is what creativity and specifically my method does, and it works because it simply creates a

SHIFT in consciousness. 

When you are stuck, you are essentially “locked in your left hemisphere”. Meaning you are stuck in one side of our consciousness completely unaware that you are stuck there, and also completely unaware there is another side of you. 


By using my method with your problem, you immediately shift into a new consciousness.  You see answers that weren’t there before, and you start to experience new ways of moving forward, new insights into your self, and a radical sense of Self awareness that you’ve likely never experienced before.  

Master artists have known this for years, but it’s not common knowledge. I hope to make this common knowledge and to bring this amazing new way to anyone, who like me, had tried so many different things, but came away feeling that something was still missing. 


I value spirituality, depth psychology and creativity. I know that the true answers are in the subconscious, and this method allows a safe avenue, a safe line of communication for you to gain access and gain best of all insight and breakthroughs from this place.  My joy is to see your a-ha moments, and to see the sense of empowerment you feel when you realize you knew the answers all along, you just needed a different way. 

This method is that different way.  


You’re safe here.  You’re valued here.  You’re believed in here.  


Here is a quote from Christine Owenell who went through The Creative Unblock Method.


What was the experience like? 


Well starting off with the play portion was so powerful for me.  Because there are just so few times, if any times, that I could remember in my past that I sat down to create something without a specific goal. 

It was always about not messing up or making it look a certain way.  I’ll ruin it if, x,y,z.


The liberation that came from just sitting down to play and just have no need for a specific outcome, was in and of itself really powerful.  Just kind of flexing that muscle. 

Especially for someone like me who considers themselves a recovering perfectionist.  


Even during that portion, it was so powerful that I found myself wanting to take down notes.

What it was like for me to experience the opposite of being a perfectionist.  

What were some of the a-ha or breakthroughs that you had once you moved into the workshop?

I had a very visceral experience of what it feels like when I just trust myself. 

I didn’t really have a plan which felt so weird for me to start doing something, to start moving something without an image of whatever it was i was trying to create. 


There was no try.  That’s what it felt like.  I just kept going and going and chose different colors and paint brushes and just moved effortlessly through it. 


To be able to then look at that painting and then to see the solution to my problem so clearly. 


Knowing that I wasn’t trying to paint a solution but I did.

Without knowing what it was going to look like, it was such a paradigm shift for me and

especially thinking of my clients. 

Christine Owenell

Executive Coach, Teamwork Facilitator & Creator of the Alchemy of Chaos


Reach out if you have any questions regarding inquiries & upcoming courses.

Thank you for your inquiry about The Creative Unblock. I will reach out shortly with more information.

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