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“There is a way between voice & presence where information flows. In disciplined silence it opens. With wondering talk it closes.” - from Rumi’s Only Breath


I am reading a lot of Rumi who was a beautiful Persian mystic poet from the 1200's. All of the names of these paintings are from my favorite lines of his work.


What resonates with me the most is his lines that speak into the in-between of everything. What happens in the space between the music notes, between the thoughts, between the actions... this space it was fascinates me.


Between Voice and Presence, "Between Voice and Presence Collection" Large 48 x 36 inch oil on gallery wrapped canvas.


Shipping: chose “Large Oil Painting” at checkout. Any additional shipping costs or credits will be calculated based on distance and package dimensions and will be invoice or refunded after sale. The painting will be shipped as soon as the oil paints and varnish are cured enough to package (2 - 4 weeks).

Between Voice & Presence

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