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“Speak With Pure Thoughts and Words”, Where The Mind Cannot Swim Collection, Medium 16 x 20 inch framed oil painting


Where The Mind Cannot Swim Poem Collection


come to me in my dreams

when no one is awake

so that we may speak with pure thoughts and words

not made for the sun

let't whisper to one another so no one else hears


a sacred time

a time of holiness


let us join the hearts where the mind cannot swim

deep at the ocean’s bottom 

where everything is still


“Speak With Pure Thoughts and Words” is a one of a kind 8 x 10 inch original oil painting sewed onto a 16 x 20 inch gallery wrapped canvas with a handmade frame by me.


Shipping: chose “Medium Oil Painting” at checkout. Any additional shipping costs or credits will be calculated based on distance and package dimensions and will be invoice or refunded after sale. The painting will be shipped as soon as the oil paints dry enough to package (within 2 weeks).

Speak With Pure Thoughts and Words

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