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Plaisirs Simples paper series

The Plaisirs Simples “Simple Pleasures” series was inspired by the idea of holding on to the small joys that can easily be overlooked when the outside world seems overwhelming (me included). This concept helps me check back in with myself and search for those small moments that are magic.


Each piece is a ONE OF A KIND painting on 300 lb watercolor paper. Each includes an 11 x 14 gallery mat and can easily pop into any 11 x 14 frame at home. If you need suggestions on frames just let me know:)


The prices range from $75 (5 x 5 inch artwork/11 x 14 mat) to $95 (5 x 7 inch artwork/11 x 14 mat) and can easily be a thoughtful gift for someone or something to brighten up your home.

Here is my recommendation for a frame as shown in image.

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