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"The Soul In My Throat" Collection 


“She wasn't tired. She was uninspired. She traced back the path she had taken since birth and realized it was a path laid down by others. She left the path. Stopped where there were no footprints. Learned to make choices that pleased her soul. She felt something new and wonderful grow in her chest. She came to called this peace.”

These beautiful words by Jaiya John are the inspiration behind this collection.


Within every journey, there is a moment of complete unknown.  

This collection is about that moment.  


The moment when everything seems dark and scary and you don't know how the story will turn out.


Like the feeling you get when you are in between steps walking up a tall ladder.  When your emotions are all mixed up together, not knowing which comes first.  Being overwhelmed by waves of excitement, then terror and maybe even feeling a bit (okay a lot) lost. Even though it is uncomfortable, this unknown portion of the journey, you know it is something that must take place.


The unknown is the space for learning to embrace your immense braveness and strength.  It reveals to you what you are truly capable of.  


So this collection is a celebration of you. You who have gone on the journey and now speak it’s beautiful lessons , you who are in the midst of it, and for those of you that soon will decide to embark. This collection is celebrating you.

Each artwork is an original oil painting on canvas or wood with a handmade wood frame. 
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oil on watercolor paper series

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