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This series is about the “Life, death, life” cycle that Dr. Estes talks about in her book “Women Who Run With Wolves” which is the cycle that everything has a beginning, end, and then a beginning again. Similar to a game of “jump rope” the more we can embrace jumping into this cycle knowing it will repeat itself the easier the game becomes and also alluding to the fact that it can only be played if you are a willing participant. I like what Sue Monk Kidd says in her book The Dance of the Dissident Daughter on what can happen if this process is embraced “Old forms crumble and give way to something new and large, mysterious that rises up inside us.” 


The Mountain can be states of happiness, lightness of life or struggle and exertion while the Womb can represent states of solitude, stillness, darkness, time of reflection or even comfort. Both necessary and both with their own different gifts. “In crucial times we must seek out periods of inner solitude, deep brooding and being, intervals of spiritual apartness where we move down into the depths of ourselves to mine the dark gorge and bring new treasure to the light.” says Kidd. 



Each work I focused on painting states of consciousness using atmospheres that evoke a sense of either the ascent or descent in the journey similar to the rising and falling of a jump rope. I also focused on extreme value contrasts to show both sides of this journey and various marks of upward and downward arches reinforcing this notion of how we constantly shift perspectives in this “life, death, life cycle”. 


The arches can also represent the ancient symbol of the turtle which was once a female symbol of strength and wisdom. “The turtle shell was considered the base and support of the universe. The whole world axis sat on her back.” says Kidd 


The U shape can represent the deep dark womb as a safe space, a container to rest in or the way one explores their creativity by holding their innermost way of expressing themselves that is unexplored.

%5 of the proceeds will go to Mary Parish Center for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence.


This series focuses on lineage restrictions. It calls to question restrictions we put on ourselves and others that have been passed down either consciously or unconsciously through generations.



In Italian, it means "The sweetness of doing nothing." This series was an exploration of giving permission of letting go and enjoying life's immense simple pleasures.

Dolce Far Niente


Sara Ray
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